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  If you know how Prospects look for your products, it's a simple step to make your products easy to find.  
  Your Web site can drive your International marketing program, or it can be a parasite on it.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Practical Website Design

Web Traffic Strategies starts the Website design process, not with how your Website will look, but with how your Website will attract visitors. If no one can find your Website, does it really matter what it looks like? Search Engine Optimization, SEO, and SEM are all terms dealing with getting prospects to your site: showcasing you products so that they are easy for new prospects to find. And that is where Website design starts.

Assessing how prospects search for products like yours is the first step in attracting traffic to your Website. If you sell “garden tractors” but everyone searches for “lawn tractors” the result are missed opportunities to sell your products. Knowing how your prospects think is key to creating sales.

Why is my Website not getting any Visitors?

There are usually several reasons why a Website doesn’t get much traffic. When I do a traffic review for a Client I find that the majority of site visitors already know about the Company. How do I know this? Most of the time searches that reach the site are initiated with a search term that relates to that specific Company in some way. Typically only about 10% of site visitors arrive using search terms that reflect the products offered by the Company. So the reason a Website isn’t getting any visitors is because people who are looking for products can’t find it! To find out why your Website isn’t getting more traffic, email me here and I will do a free, no obligation, analysis and tell you what your site needs

New Web Site Design

With a new web site we start with keyword research. We look for the most popular keyword associated with your products. By finding out which keywords are the most searched we avoid optimizing your site for “lawn tractors” when everyone is searching for “garden tractors”. You probably already know of a similar comparison for your products.

Secondly, we design a Navigation System that showcases your products. What’s different about our Navigation System is that most navigation systems are designed to showcase your Company. But anybody who is looking for your Company already knows about you, so we target prospects that are looking for your products before they even know you exist, therefore NEW prospects for your products.

And thirdly, we create content so that prospects land on the page containing information about the product they are looking for. No need to search for the product after they land on your Home page. The information they are looking for is right there in front of them immediately.

Web Site Updates

If your site is up and running, and not producing the new prospects that you want, we can help you. We do a complete analysis of your Web site traffic and your overall Web site design. Then we come up with a plan to generate more prospects. We work with you to create a new approach to your Web site that will get you the results that you want, all the while keeping your expectations real and advising you on appropriate strategies for your market. .

After the Web Site is Designed

After the new or revised Web site is up and running, we don’t leave you on your own. We monitor your traffic and provide guidance in adding to your Web sites prominence. We provide statistical updates so you can see how your Web site traffic is growing. And as we gain more information from your existing traffic, we can suggest ways to access even better results.
If this program sounds like it could benefit your web site, email us today and let us get started.



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